Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can't wait...

I am so ready to have this baby! It's so much more tiring having a toddler to chase around and work to deal with while being pregnant. Not to sound like a complainer, but seriously I am so much more uncomfortable this time around. How do people with more children and work do it! Especially if they are pregnant with twins! I would probably die, ok probably not but I might go completely insane!
Oh well I have like 11 weeks left, or about 30 works days, spread out over those weeks. It will be nice to have the 12 weeks off from work, even if it isn't paid leave. Adjusting to having two when you only have one, I can only imagine is a bit of a struggle at first. Mostly, I hope Shaylee doesn't feel too left out after the little guy gets here. Maybe, she will love being mommy and daddy's helper with him.
Enough complaining for now, I am trying to get back into the whole blogging thing, even if the only people who read it are family members.

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Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I'm so sorry that you are a rougher time of it. Boys were harder on me too. I hope Shaylee is happy when her little brother arrives. Kids are funny, I'll keep my crossed for ya!