Friday, August 29, 2008

Every Princess Needs A Castle

So I got creative yesterday and decided to make two boxes into one castle for Shaylee. The main problem with this idea is...trying to take on such an ambitious task with a one year old is insane! Everything that I taped on she came right along behind me and ripped off laughing all the time. And here I am the "adult" saying "No sweetie mommy is trying to make you a beautiful playhouse." The whole time trying not to get angry, because lets face it, it was kind of funny and in the grand scheme of things would it really matter if the thing didn't get finished. All the while trying to run defense between her and the castle and still manage to complete my "awesome MASTERPIECE". So it turned out looking like a five year old did it, but hey I am still proud that I was able to get it finished and not pull my hair out, because my daughter wanted to demolish it before I had even finished constructing it.